Théâtre Forum Meyrin

2015 — 2017

A center of art and excellence, the Théâtre Forum Meyrin (TFM) has a concert hall that can accommodate 700 people, vast foyers, a gallery for exhibitions and an audiovisual room, together with several meeting points and studios.


Create a new identity for the theater and to define it using institutional, promotional and advertising tools.


To come up with a logo that would portray a cultural institution dedicated to creativity.


To visibly convey the notion of movement related to the performing arts (theater, dance, circus, music), the Workshop hit upon the idea of creating a logo that likewise moved.


The first step, to be more precise, was the creation of an animated display grid of the logo: nine boxes in which T, F and M events appear simultaneously and at random.When the sequence is frozen at a given instant, one obtains a fixed image of the logo, different each time, in a register of 504 possible combinations. This random animation frozen at a given moment produces as many different versions of the logo as are possible in a display comprising nine boxes, while remaining immediately identifiable and recognizable.

This identity was subsequently used, according to the same principle, on other media, such as posters, programs, leaflets and all other kinds of promotional and advertising materials.

Agenda TFM Théâtre Forum Meyrin theworkshop

"A fixed image of the logo, in a register of 504 possible combinations."