The Hamburger Foundation

2018 – 2019

Digital strategy for one of the 10 best burgers in the world

The restaurant

With the goal of creating the best hamburger in the world with inspiration straight from across the Atlantic, it's no surprise that The Hamburger Foundation's story has a flavour of the American Dream.

From their beginnings in 2012 cooking hamburgers in their trailer, to the two food trucks and three restaurants that are now institutions in Geneva - the success of THF is easily explained: the passion for their product, and the conviction that their team help them keep the dream alive. "Teamwork makes the dream work!"

Production of animated gifs

The mandate

Strengthen restaurant communication on social networks by developing a branding strategy, and implementing it by creating content for these platforms.


Develop a digital communication strategy in line with the philosophy that made the restaurant a success: simple, efficient and focused on creating a community.

Create a general visual impression that matches the American atmosphere expressed in the establishments.

Present the institution's values by promoting the quality of products, highlighting the teams who make up the restaurant, and disseminating the unique mindset of the founders.


The strategy was developed with two main objectives. On the one hand, to offer customers a glimpse into the daily life of the restaurant, and on the other, to promote and strengthen brand identity, both externally and internally.

"Teamwork makes the dream work!"

Two methods were used to achieve these goals. First the Instagram feed, a mosaic of snapshots, translating the daily life of the three establishments into images, and presenting a mix of photos of the products, the staff and the general atmosphere of the three restaurants.

Then the stories: short, temporary videos illustrating the unique spirit of The Hamburger Foundation, allowing the restaurant to express itself more spontaneously.

Team presentations

Brand image promotion

Interactions with the audience


In order to maintain a dynamic link with the restaurant's day-to-day, a photo shoot is organised every month to create the content that will be used for that month's news feed. Each photo is posted with a caption, using the tone and humour of the brand: often friendly, sometimes a little mean, but always funny.

For the stories, two strategic axes have been developed. The first is to promote interactions between the restaurant and the Internet to strengthen the links between the establishment and its community by creating content that lead users to give their opinion (votes, questions, etc.), organising contests and encouraging user-generated content.

The second is more one-sided: providing entertaining content incorporating the philosophy and humour of the restaurant using different concepts. Photo editing, offbeat employee introductions, the objective being to promote and reinforce the establishment's brand identity to its customers and its teams.

Strengthened brand image and improved brand awareness

Improved visual quality of the page and facilitated access to information

+30% followers since the implementation of the new strategy

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