Police cantonale vaudoise

2015 — 2019

The purpose of the Cantonal police of Vaud is to ensure the upkeep of security and public order, within the limits of the law.

The mandate

Design and creation of recruitment campaigns for 2016-2017-2018-2019, and development of activity reports for these four years.


Establish a communication strategy which provides a modern, realistic, humane and positive image of the police.

Recruitment campaign 2019 – Agents in their work environment

Recruitment campaign 2018 – Portraits of agents in the performance of their duty

Recruitment campaign 2017 – The agent as an actor

Recruitment campaign 2016 – Portraits of police officers


Working from the basic principal that the police force is a particular profession but one which is made up of ordinary people, the Workshop has devised a human-centred communication strategy. In short: to show women and men working in the service of others, in their everyday lives. Not forgetting the uniform and its function, the idea was to present, above all, people at work, working in a local job. The aim? To give a better view of their daily lives, to appeal to people without lying.

"Four years of collaboration, and the development of mutual trust."


To show the reality of the profession of police-work, in its human dimension, the Workshop sought to represent the everyday life of the police officer through the image - the snapshot -, in all its spontaneity. First, the police officer (both women and men) takes a picture of themselves with their phone, then we find them on the job, without any feeling of staging. This image, "caught on the spot", is the main element of the posters of the recruitment campaign.

Published on social networks, particularly Instagram, the communication strategy makes it possible to follow police throughout the year, through the various photos they take of their activities, always in action. A mosaic of images that people can interact with.

Beyond its purely graphic aspect, this work for the Vaud police highlights the ability of the Workshop to design and develop a strategy, serving a specific need in communication.

Feed of the @policevd Instagram page

Highlight from the 2019 Instagram Recruitment Campaign (stories)

"To show women and men working in the service of others, in their everyday lives."

followers on Instagram since the start of the first campaign

engagement rate for each post on average

applications received since the beginning of the campaigns

The campaign was carried out along two axes: the development of the police force's Instagram page through defining a content strategy, then applying this concept to a poster campaign which directs the public to the social network.

This strategy has reached a target audience of young adults, the main target of the recruitment campaign, but also has presented to the public the positive aspects of the job and transformed the image of a repressive police force into a caring police force working for the public.