Marti Marine


A company specializing in sailing


We were asked to carry out a rebranding operation aimed at dynamizing the company's visual identity while increasing its visibility on the quays in Geneva.

The transparency of two Pantone colors

Design & Realization

Inspired by the nautical universe, we devised a logo incorporating the double initial "MM" (Marti Marine), interlaced with various levels of transparency.

This logo was designed as a kind of marine coat of arms. It recalls the lines described by a boat's sails and intentionally makes reference to the international signal flags used in maritime communications.

Designed to enable people to recognized the company easily, the logo stands out as much as it merges in with the many quays on the shores of the lake.


Business card

Established in 1945, the shipyard in the Pâquis district has always held a special place for the people of Geneva.

Complimentary card