Announcing the wedding


Using eight different colors of paper, the envelope for the announcement was designed using an original folding method that ensured the contents were only revealed when the envelope was fully unfolded. It meant that the envelope and announcement were one and the same object.

The typographic printing realized with a gold silkscreen is decorated with a drawing of a peony obtained using a multiple-point laser cut.

Consistently blending the old with the new, the Workshop strove to enhance the link between contemporary and traditional graphics. Here, a design created on the computer meets handcrafted excellence to produce a unique object of very high quality.

Silkscreen print in gold on five differently colored papers

Interplays of shadow and light

A peony takes shape…

More than a wedding announcement, a work of art.


To make this particular announcement, the Workshop hit on the idea of using cotton fiber instead of cellulose. Cotton fiber has the advantage of not turning yellow and gives it a very luxurious touch. Apart from this, the card is hot-stamped with an English serif font redesigned by the Workshop. Hot-stamping is a notable achievement with this type of font. Here, it is very small and the overall result is extremely delicate.

Silver stamping in a cotton paper made in France

Two different colors for the paper

Creation of an M&A monogram