Geneva International Music Competition


International music competition

Established in 1939, the Geneva international music competition is a renowned classical music festival organized every year by the Concours de Genève foundation. It is one of the oldest music competitions of its kind.


Create the visual identity for the 71st festival by rejuvenating its image for communication purposes.

Our idea

To create a synthetic visual identity by translating music into an image.

Design & Realization

As a means of translating the musical productions put on by the performers at the Concours de Genève into imagery, the Workshop initially conceived a white frame that symbolized the festival itself: a virgin space the candidates could take possession of and fertilize with their art. Within this framework was the musician himself, in action. And, as if emanating from him, a design, a stylized stave taken from a musical score that gives form to the sound created by the artist.

The new logo formed the base of the Concours de Genève's visual communication and was used as the vehicle for an all-round campaign featuring classical and numerical graphical media.

The black ink printed with a random screen brings additional finesse.

Typographic grid

Contrast between levels of gray and color

Reinforcement of the brand in the program

A stylized stave taken from a musical score; music translated into an image.

Synthetic version of the program

Ticket sleeves