CREATION–COUTURE based in Geneva

Creature – A Geneva brand

A platform for fashion design and production specializing in the transformation of "corporate objects", CREATURE is committed to sustainable development and responsible consumption: "100% made in Geneva".


Develop a visual identity for the brand rollout.


Create a brand identity suitable for universal use.

Creation of Frank Bold type as the brand DNA.

Realization of a distinct identity that plays with formats, transparency and contrasts.

Injecting the typography with life by positioning it on concrete supporting media.


Our work followed the same creative approach as the brand itself: namely, making something new from existing elements.

We created a distinct identity by bringing together the words CREATION and COUTURE and choosing the Futura font for its geometric character and Swiss-inspired origins. The logo is thus the result of two discrete unifications. The first is the superimposition of the two words, which is then cut as it would be in tailoring. Simple in the extreme, the identity is sufficiently neutral to be used easily with colored backgrounds.


The graphic identity to be used for various communication media, the website and as an artistic guideline for corporate photo shoots.

CREATURE is creative feminine energy working towards a sustainable future. From eco-friendly design through production, everything is "Made in GVA".

Use of the identity on tags and labels