Chronométrie CLARENCE SA Bijouterie
Official dealers in Swiss luxury wristwatches


Create a visual identity for Clarence.


the Workshop invented a visual identity for Clarence based on a logo that writes history. Starting with a text describing existing coats of arms, unearthed in ancient archives, we created an escutcheon in traditional style and then transmuted it into a modern graphical language. The result allows us to represent/evoke/identify "Clarence SA" in heraldic form using coats of arms reinterpreted in the form of pictograms.


To be more precise, the Workshop entrusted the details of the escutcheon to an expert in heraldry and painter of coats of arms, who took on the task of depicting the arms in traditional fashion. the Workshop then "transmuted" these coats of arms into their own modern version.

Thanks to maximum simplification in the design, which is like a pictogram, the Clarence logo has been transformed into a stripped-down escutcheon that is easily recognized and understandable.

...a visual identity with the addition of a heart and soul.

Strictly speaking, apart from the realization, this assignment for Clarence is something the Workshop actually enjoys most: namely, using the numerical techniques and tools of modern graphic design to create a visual identity while drawing on the expertise of artisans and basing its inspiration on the artistic disciplines.