Café Slatkine


An ideal combination of café, bar and bookstore, the Café Slatkine is a literary bar: a unique spot in the old city of Geneva.


To create a graphical identity that would also act as a kind of shop sign

Genevan artisan Michel applying gold leaf.


To go beyond a simple logo. To transcribe the notions of cultural heritage and attachment to the arts in the visual identity of this Genevan secular institution. The Café Slatkine is effectively the successor and a continuation of the eponymous historic bookshop (1918) and publishing house (1964).

An elegant font, La Police

Design & Realization

The Workshop chose to reinterpret the publishing house's existing logo, a stylized unicorn around a capital "S", and generate a very delicate and inspired logo. To achieve this, the agency engaged a painter specializing in decorative scripts.

To go further than a simple logo.


This ancient metier, which has all but disappeared today, is closely allied to calligraphy and calls for exceptional craftsmanship. All of which the Workshop reveres. A unicorn motif inspired by an ancient engraving which we then realized and reproduced in gold leaf on the cafe's shop window.

As in the case of the work done for Clarence, the Workshop went beyond a simple logo by underpinning its own expertise with that of an exceptional craftsman.

Link the useful to the pleasant with bookmarks-business card.

Branding is in the details