The international watch and jewelry show


A microcosm of the world of watches and jewelry, Baselworld is the industry's reference event. Presenting avant-garde trends in luxury watch- and jewelry-making, this prestigious show is universally acknowledged to be the sector's most important showcase.


Create an invitation for VIP guests to the opening ceremony at Baselworld.


We decided to look for a graphic means of paying tribute to the enormous expertise of haute horlogerie. Our aim: to recreate the precision, detail, rhythm, elegance and aesthetic simplicity particular to a universe that is both prestigious and firmly based on craftsmanship.

Creation of a customized envelope

The invitation was designed in several parts, revealing the contents little by little.

The interior was arranged to accommodate different types of invitation.

Designed like a Russian doll, the invitation strips away to reveal itself.


Straddling the borderline between packaging and publishing, the resulting invitation removes one layer after another like a gift in the brand's colors. Seductive notions of touch and discovery meet here. The invitation has a very special feel for the recipient and is decidedly simple but beautifully crafted. The details of its production aspire to the same heights as the art watchmaking: stamping, lamination, cut, embossing, invisible magnetized closure and a mix of different types of paper constitute the mechanical aspects of this project.

Card of compliments